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The Variant Call Format (VCF) is the de facto standard for storing variant information from next-generation DNA sequencing experiments. The VCF specification allows for storage both sample-specific and variant-specific information. However, this information is not readily parseable for investigators without significant bioinformatics support. Here we present VCF-Miner, a graphical user interface for sorting, filtering and querying information encoded in VCF files.

Key features of VCF-Miner:

  1. Users are not required to understand computer programming languages
  2. Maintains user-specific annotations
  3. It is a local installation so data is never sent over ‘the cloud’

Source code and installation instructions:

Available at GitHub

More info:


  • The default login on a local install is username “Admin”, password “temppass”.
  • For info on how to change this password (this should certainly be changed if installed on a shared server for multiple users), or for errors or user configuration see Login and User Configuration

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