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The PANDA (Pathway AND Annotation) Explorer: a data visualization tool capable of annotating genes with any data type and graphically displaying the result within the context of pathways.

PANDA simplifies complex data and annotation into manageable chunks of visual information within the context of biologically relevant and curated pathways.  Use examples include visualizing copy number results, exome variants, differential expression, pharmacogenomic genes and their targets, ontologies, gene fusion partners, a favorite gene list, or a combination of these.  Preset annotations including drug-gene interactions and gene-disease relationships allow users to further contextualize their data, augmenting it with prior knowledge. This potential for integration of disparate data types as well as the intuitive, visual nature of the application and its ease of use sets it apart as an effective, lightweight solution to a significant challenge in modern biological data interpretation.  PANDA offers researchers the opportunity to more fully exploit highly complex data and maximize the value they gain from it.

Public use is available here :

GitHub: Panda Repository


PANDA  Introductory videos:

Example files for tutorial purposes are located on GitHub, under the EXAMPLES directory.

  1. Basics of PANDA
  2. Importing Cytoscape Pathways YouTube Video

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