Software Packages

Department of Quantitative Health Sciences
Mayo Clinic Research
Formerly known as the Department of Health Sciences Research

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Required Elements

  • Name of project/tool
  • Short description of project/tool (1-3 sentences)
  • Authors, primary contact
  • Suggested Tags
  • Link to source code & data (tarred/gzipped if large)

Other elements you may want to include

  • Date last updated (?)
  • Longer Description
    • User manual
    • Links to Publications for the software
    • System requirements
  • Licensing information

If you want to deploy an already-developed web application to the external server, please describe the application (scientific goals, technologies used, approximate CPU/memory/storage requirements).  Web applications will need to be prioritized against already committed work. These requests will generally require management approval.

Once you have gathered all the required documentation you need to submit a ticket to Service Now and select (WHAT CATEGORY?) as the system for which you need support.

Page last modified: July 23, 2018