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An Arsenal of ‘R’ Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries

An Arsenal of ‘R’ functions for large-scale statistical summaries, which are streamlined to work within the latest reporting tools in ‘R’ and ‘RStudio’ and which use formulas and versatile summary statistics for summary tables and models. The primary functions include tableby(), a Table-1-like summary of multiple variable types ‘by’ the levels of a categorical variable; modelsum(), which performs simple model fits on the same endpoint for many variables (univariate or adjusted for standard covariates); freqlist(), a powerful frequency table across many categorical variables;, the S3 method for comparing data.frames; and write2(), a function to output tables to a document.


  • Ethan Heinzen (primary contact)
  • Jason Sinnwell
  • Beth Atkinson
  • Tina Gunderson
  • Greg Dougherty
  • Pat Votruba
  • Emily Lundt
  • Ryan Lennon
  • Andy Hanson
  • Krista Goergen

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